Marble Machine

Experiment and solve over a hundred of physics based puzzles! Relax with engaging puzzles driven by simple rules. Combine elements to build a maze: swap the bricks, experiment with gravity, accelerate the ball, connect the cords and more to find your way out! * A lot of different game mechanics: rotate the paths, accelerate the ball, push the buttons and make the gravity your best friend! * Play for free and pay how much you want * No time and movement limits * Great fun for the whole family! * Lots of puzzles! * No ads    
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        Game Trailler: This game is powered by GODOT.   Marble Machine is a 3d puzzle game which takes it’s inspiration from classic game series “Pipe mania”. It modify mechanics from original series to provide interesting gameplay mechanics based on physic simulation combined with modern visuals. User is not limited by time or movement limits of any kind, and she can freely experiment with the puzzles in order to solve them in her own way. The idea of the game is simple: In front of the Player there is a ball and multiple blocks - each block with small fragment of the path. She can rearrange each of those blocks in order to create continuous way between ball and exit. But it’s not so simple, the path need to be constructed with gravity in mind - ball will be able to roll higher only if it’s accelerated enough. Additionally, game introduces new mechanics every couple puzzles like rotational bricks, acceleration fields, buttons and so on. In each puzzle there are three stars which can be collected by the ball - they are representing various level of difficulty.

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