In the very old robot factory something bad happened. This fully automated and self- sufficient place become suddenly very dangerous and chaoti. Freshly manufactured robots were incomplete and very aggressive. In this harsh world there is no room for peacefulrobots of the old generation. But on the deepest level of the factory there still is the last safe harbour for old generation robots.  
Main bullet points
Start village that is developing together with player progress. • Player can modify his hero thanks to blueprints that can be found in the dungeon. • Most of dungeons are generated randomly. Additionally they are enriched by handmade locations with special meanings (quest rooms, or rooms with logic puzzles). • Player can find new npcs in dungeon which will appear in the village and offer new quests and goods. (not implemented yet) • Many possible gamestyles: sneaking behind the enemies ­ open fight with enemies ­ using traps to gain advantage  

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