Riven Tails: Defense

RivenTails: Defense is an action packed Tower Defense game in which you play as Nell who tries to defend his world from the invasion of Nands - robots which are kidnapping fluffy inhabitants of the Riventail - a divided world floating in the sky. Stop invaders, by placing towers at strategic points around the colorful landscapes. Collect hidden treasures, use environment for your advantage and most importantly save Nell’s fluffy friends!

Key features

  • Tower defense meets puzzle platformer game
  • Defeat enemies by building towers and using environment for your advantage
  • Team-up with a friend to defend cooperatively in local Coop mode
  • Very vivid and colorful world
  • Use special items, tomato-mines, bubble gun and more to stop evil robots!

Marble Machine

Experiment and solve over a hundred of physics based puzzles! Relax with engaging puzzles driven by simple rules. Combine elements to build a maze: swap the bricks, experiment with gravity, accelerate the ball, connect the cords and more to find your way out! * A lot of different game mechanics: rotate the paths, accelerate the ball, push the buttons and make the gravity your best friend! * Play for free and pay how much you want * No time and movement limits * Great fun for the whole family! * Lots of puzzles! * No ads    
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        Game Trailler: This game is powered by GODOT.   Marble Machine is a 3d puzzle game which takes it’s inspiration from classic game series “Pipe mania”. It modify mechanics from original series to provide interesting gameplay mechanics based on physic simulation combined with modern visuals. User is not limited by time or movement limits of any kind, and she can freely experiment with the puzzles in order to solve them in her own way. The idea of the game is simple: In front of the Player there is a ball and multiple blocks - each block with small fragment of the path. She can rearrange each of those blocks in order to create continuous way between ball and exit. But it’s not so simple, the path need to be constructed with gravity in mind - ball will be able to roll higher only if it’s accelerated enough. Additionally, game introduces new mechanics every couple puzzles like rotational bricks, acceleration fields, buttons and so on. In each puzzle there are three stars which can be collected by the ball - they are representing various level of difficulty.

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In the very old robot factory something bad happened. This fully automated and self- sufficient place become suddenly very dangerous and chaoti. Freshly manufactured robots were incomplete and very aggressive. In this harsh world there is no room for peacefulrobots of the old generation. But on the deepest level of the factory there still is the last safe harbour for old generation robots.  
Main bullet points
Start village that is developing together with player progress. • Player can modify his hero thanks to blueprints that can be found in the dungeon. • Most of dungeons are generated randomly. Additionally they are enriched by handmade locations with special meanings (quest rooms, or rooms with logic puzzles). • Player can find new npcs in dungeon which will appear in the village and offer new quests and goods. (not implemented yet) • Many possible gamestyles: sneaking behind the enemies ­ open fight with enemies ­ using traps to gain advantage  

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Grandpa’s Table 3D

intro There is a room with an old table. You don’t remember who designed it and with what purpose, but you know that it hides a game - a game with a secret. A game that must be played to save memories from fading out… Sit comfortably and discover the mysterious world of Grandpa and his memories - solve relaxing puzzles, collect mementos and explore the history of Grandpa’s life.   aboutDid you ever want to play a relaxing, calm puzzle game? We have something especially for you! Grandpa’s Table is a very atmospheric puzzle game where you need to group tokens of various colors. In every level there are three stars, which can be covered with tokens to unlock bonus puzzles. . These puzzles are a little harder to solve… but if you solve them you will be awarded with a memento which will appear in the drawer. Each memento holds a very short story, a memorial from Grandpa’s life. Will you uncover his story?   features* Relaxing classical logic game with beautiful 3d artwork * Solve 150 puzzles and collect memories to uncover the story of grandpa's life * Unique 3d interface, use the radio to turn off the music, click on the flags to change the language, open the drawer to check collected mementos (achievements). * Discover all the gameplay elements (keys, gates, traps, teleporters, etc.) * Enjoy beautiful music tracks * Find mini game that's hidden in the room * Each memento hides couple sentences with grandpa's story. (mementos are very similar to achievements).      
Grandpa's Table on steam

Grandpa's Table on steam


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Sokoban Garden 3D

Sokoban Garden 3D is a free game for android devices.      It's implementation of classical sokoban game but with a lot nicer, modern gameplay. In this game you will solve wonderful puzzles with very simple rules but complex difficulty. Its main distinctive features are: * Eye candy 3D cartoon graphics * Increasing puzzles difficulty * Tablet optimisation * Switchable 2d/3d view mode * AI techniques are in use to improve control scheme  

#148 SokobanGarden Review Silver Medal_smallAwarded by Play Android Magazine with Silver Medal: http://www.playandroid.com/blog/android-game-review-sokoban-garden/ Play Android "Hall of fame" at the rank #16: http://www.playandroid.com/blog/new-chart-entry-sokoban-garden/


Awarded by Famigo.com with special badge for "family friendly" application!


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     JellyBalls+ is a free game for Android.
     It is variation about color-matching puzzle games. The whole point of the game is to simply burst the balls and scores as many points as you possibly can. The fewest amount of bubbles that you can pop are two in a row. Try to use the accelerometer to your advantage, by rotating your phone you can affect the gravity. There is also OpenFeint integration, so you can get all kinds of awards and achievements. You can check who is the best in the world, as well as play with your friends.
"Once you start you won’t be able to stop!"
"Extremely addictive and even a casual gamer is going to have problems at first putting this down"
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