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  Hello! My name is Jacob. I am software engineer and I’m interested in designing computer games.

Jakub Grzesik


Currently I’m focused on mobile games for Android. Together with my wife (Isabell) we created and published three games on android market. First one is called JellyBalls+’ it’s quite advanced bubble match type of game.

Our second game is called Sokoban Garden 3D, as you can imagine it’s remake of classic sokoban. It’s featuring beautiful 3d graphic and very carefully designed user interface. We were working on this game for many months and we believe it’s one of the best in it’s class!

Our third game is called Grandpa’s table, we created it from the deep need right from bottom of our glacial hearts : ) Since we have tablets I always wanted to make a game that would be designed to play in deep, soft, warm armchair. Game that would not disturb feeling of relax and peace. This is how idea for this game come into our mind : ) If you have a tablet you definitely should give it a chance, especially if you are sitting in your warm armchair with cup of hot chocolate right next to you : ) You can find me on Google+ and on Twitter.


Izabela Latak

  I'm a mobile game developer (graphic designer). Together with my husband we have started a studio called 'Kivano'. Since then we have managed to finish and publish  games on Google Play: JellyBalls+, Sokoban Garden 3D, Grandpa's Table and Marble Machnine. I like people and FLOSS : D    

 people that worked with us:

  Maciek Ejsymont the compositor of music for Grandpa's Table:
Maciek Ejsymont

Maciek Ejsymont

So I can do these things with sounds. You know, joining them together, putting them in order and stuff. Real fun, 100% recommend. When I'm not making music I pretend I can play drums (two bands even fell for that:)), I play video games and write reviews of them for 1ndieWorld.com or I study IT at University of Warmia and Mazury located in most beautiful city of Poland, Olsztyn. For more of my sounds visit my myspace or follow me on twitter.  



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